While people continue with the tentacles and cum vials i’m just gonna do this

pretty much based entirely on this screencap

I love you so much right now…


Name: Raspberry Antoinette Rhapsody
Nicknames: Razzy
Age: 25
Birthday: 11-13-1987
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Town of residence: Canterlot

Eye Color: Bottle Green
Hair Color: Deep Red
Hair Style: Long, ends about mid-thigh. Her bangs cover her right eye
Height: 5 ft 8
Body Type: Thin but curvy
Race: Pegasus
Skin Color: Pinkish
Cutie Mark: Black and Purple double hearts
Anything Else: Small scars on her back from her childhood

Personality and History
General Personality: Sarcastic but cheerful. She’s got a bit of a drinking problem and has a tendency to overreact in tense situations.
Most Common Mood: Cheerful
Hangouts: Ironhoof’s lab, the corner cafe in ponyville, Pony Joe’s, various local nightlife hotspots
Favorite Activities: Swimming, shopping, spending time with her boyfriend, working, hanging out with friends
History: When she was young she lived with her parents and two younger brothers in Cloudsdale. The elder of her two brothers was extremely abusive toward her, leading her to become closed off for years until she got therapy for it after telling her youngest brother, Lopez. She worked at various jobs in Canterlot after moving out at 17 until her agent found her working at Pony Joe’s as a waitress. Razzy began modeling soon after that, a career which lead to her meeting her boyfriend at a photoshoot. After a brief stint in modeling she retired and is now working at Pony Joe’s during the day and various bars at night.